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YOUR Free List of 10 Top UK Paid Surveys!

You can get paid to fill out surveys online. And it doesn't cost you a thing to sign up and start getting paid to give your opinion by filling out surveys.

Market Research and survey companies want to get your feedback for their clients. So these days rather than sending somebody out into the street to stop you and ask your opinion, it is better and quicker for them to pay people online to fill out surveys.

The company gets instant feedback in a format it can quickly analyse. Much quicker than employing a street canvasser to fill in forms and return them.

Most surveys are for companies thinking of developing a new product. Perhaps they want to simply test which name is more appealing and which design of box. By getting instant feedback from several thousand people, they save thousands of pounds setting up street canvassers or just hoping they guessed right.

Sometimes you get paid to fill in opinion surveys and sometimes you get paid for product surveys. Some survey companies even send you free products to try (and keep), then pay you for your feedback on what you thought!

Here is my free list of UK Get Paid to Fill in Surveys Online companies - all free and no joining fees, no outlay. Zero investment.

Why pay somebody for this information? I've got the list of Top UK Paid Survey Companies right here for you now. . . but - this list is very very short - and the lists you pay for have 400-700 survey sites. Also a couple of them even provide you with some special software so you can fill the online surveys in quicker! So it's definitely worth paying for them if you can. Maybe you can sign up for these below and use your earnings to buy a paid membership site. that's what I did!

Join them today and start earning money online filling out paid surveys.

CLICK THE LINKS BELOW FOR EACH ONE. Sign up for them all now, it'll only take you 10 minutes and before you know it you will start receiving paid surveys for cash!!


Brand Surveys
Brand Surveys

Brand Surveys are a long-standing and well respected, high paying UK paid web surveys company. They undertake a lot of complex medical research and are a huge company.  This is a Surveys company that is especially attractive to health professionals, so if you're a nurse, doctor, therapist or work in the medical or health industries, this one's the one for you.

The Brand Institute is a large company that's been in operation since before the Internet even started, providing high quality research data to international and UK companies.

With Brand Institute web surveys, you be paid for the surveys you complete by Paypal or cheque, making getting paid easier and quicker than many other web survey companies.

I've found Brand Surveys to be one of my higher earners. I love the quick payouts and the fact the money drops straight into my Paypal account because that makes it easy for me.

Join Brand Surveys now and start receiving high payout paid surveys for cash.

Join Brand Surveys
You Gov
You Gov


If you only ever join ONE Survey company, it's probably got to be YouGov.

YouGov paid surveys are probably THE most popular paid survey sites of all, thousands of people who answer their surveys regularly say they're they're one of the  best survey sites.  They're also quick and easy to do.  They pay out too!  A very legit survey company.

Get paid £1 to sign up, then 50p to £1/survey. I signed up in February 2007 and by the end of 2007 I had already been paid £500 from YouGov, with another £150 in the mail! So for me, this is one of the paid surveys that pay well.

YouGov are one of the UK's leading paid survey companies. The results of the market research YouGov carry out are often featured in national newspapers and on the television. I find it a joy when I hear on the News, or read in the papers, the results of the surveys I've taken part in on behalf of YouGov as you get to really see and hear your work used.

Join You Gov
Gratis Panel

The Gratis Points Panel enables you to build up points, which you can then exchange for great rewards and High Street vouchers. You'll receive surveys to fill out, as well as a great user account where you can check your details, your profile and how many points you've got. You get full visibility of what points you've earned and how many more you need to cash in the rewards. **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**

Join the Gratis Points Panel

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Survey Savvy 

I have enjoyed being a member of the paid surveys community and thought you might find it fun as well.

As a member, you can make a difference by participating in online paid surveys, focus groups, as well as other interactive studies.

Survey Savvy paid surveys have over 3 million people in 190 countries are earning money online by filling out the Savvy Survey surveys - so you are in good hands. 

Survey Savvy have paid out more money for paid surveys to their members than any other online market research company

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