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Your Own Business for £2.50? I Thought "No Way", but I was Wrong
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Posted by: host 14/10/2006

Mar 2009: Goes to ad farm. Remove

Even if you don't want your own business, it's worth getting these great books for just £2.50.

This great small business works on the basis you pay only once ever, £1.20 and after that everything you make is yours. No further payments to anybody for anything. Free website included. . . so you've GOT to read more really. It's a great real work at home opportunity that works in the UK. And it's worth it just for any one of these free books.

You pay your £1.20 - get your £325s worth of books and if you want to resell them you are given a link to your website to sell them from and you get to download the books immediately, plus you have to right to download any they add to the collection.

The 12 books you get for £1.20 are:
- Inside the Minds of Winners  - Free Advertising System - Secret eBay Marketing - Achieving Lift Off 
- Gary Shawkey's Secrets - Killer Mini Sites - The No-Cost Marketing Report - The 30-Minute Marketing Miracle 
- Ultimate Joint Venture Formula - Auto Hits Machine - Proven Pricing Secrets - Virtual eBiz

Well I did more than read when I found this working from home job that is actually your own home business for under £3.50.

All you do is sign up, pay, then immediately get access to 12 great ebooks (worth about £325) and a free website so you can sell the books yourself as many times as you want. You get master resale rights to the books AND the website to sell them from. Nothing more to pay.

Don't believe me? Go look for yourself then:    OFFER CLOSED

Join up and see what you can make of it. If you are serious about working for yourself, starting an online business, working from home online - then this is the best and cheapest way you could possibly do it!

Good luck with that and let me know how you got on!


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