Marketing Your Business Online

Marketing Your Business Online

Marketing Your Business is essential once you've started setting up your own business. And before long you will start stumbling across terms like: SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Adwords, Google Adsense.

Marketing your business online is in most cases better and cheaper than a lot of forms of offline marketing - and it is measurable! A well known saying in marketing was always "Half your marketing & advertising spend is wasted - the trouble is, you don't know which half". But advertising on the Internet can give you statistics and figures so you can work out what advertising is working for you.

Below are some great resources to help you with marketing your business online. From optimising your site for search engines (so you get high rankings when people are searching) to using online advertising to drive targetted traffic to your website. And the key is on targetted traffic.

By using Google Adwords you can reach your potential customers directly and for a known and measurable cost! It works like a commission only sales person for you 24/7 - and you are fixing the salary! Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns with Google mean you can spend 2-50p getting a website visitor within a few hours - and if your site is well written you can then turn a percentage of them into buyers! Imagine if you could turn just 5% of your visitors into buyers when you'd paid 2p for them to visit! That would be just 40p per sale. But be careful - at 50p/click you'd be spending £10/sale. So, depending on the profit you make per customer over the lifetime of that customer, you can exactly measure if you are getting value for money - of course, if you aren't you can change 3 things:

- the amount you pay per click
- change your keywords so your website traffic is more targetted
- improve your website to make more people buy

The resources on this page help you understand and do all these things for yourself. Take control of YOUR business today!

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There's something for everyone!

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SEO Books

SEO Books & SEO Software

If you are launching an online business you will need to find out about optimising your site for search engines. Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is what you do to get your website and pages ranked highly in the search engines.  In order to optimise your website so it gets higher Google rankings you'll also need some keyword research software.

First you research your keywords, then once you've identified the ones you will be working with (based on popularity and value), you then optimise your pages so that each one appears as high in the Google rank as possible.  This enables you to optimise your pages for expensive keywords (to get free Google traffic), leaving you to use cheaper keywords to drive traffic to your website through Google Adwords.



Finding the Right Keywords for Your Site - Keyword Tools, Keyword Resources

Finding the Right Keywords for Your Site - Keyword Tools, Keyword Resources

If you are wanting to sell things online, or selling already and need to sell more, then you will at some point turn your thoughts to Keywords. Keywords are one of the secrets between earning £0 and earning £000s. Below are some super resources for keywords:

At some point you will want to do some keyword research. There are a lot of free things you can find to help you with this, but having seen them all, I can say that mainly you are only getting a bit of the story. By far the best way to research the best keywords is by using Keyword Elite Create 1000s of Adsense Keywords, Dominate Adwords.

It's information is the most up to date you can find and all the top internet marketing experts all thoroughly recommend it.

The great news is, you can just pay for one day's or one month's access to it, rather than being locked into a subscription. The subscription is essential for search engine professionals who are searching and researching keywords often for several sites, but if you just have one or two sites then just schedule in a day and do all your searching in one go.

This is essential for you whether you have your own business online already, are just starting or thinking of selling good online.

If you are running Google Adsense on your site, or want to be earning your living from online marketing as an affiliate or running your own business creating google adwords for clients, you will save and make a lot of money by using this software.

Check it out:

Improve your Search Engine Ranking

Improve your Search Engine Ranking and Get a Top Google Ranking

Google is widely acknowledged as the best search engine for web searches and for web advertisers.

You can pay to have your website in the top pages, but you can also get to the top of the rankings free. This is called Organic Search Tactics. You can't just create a site and expect to be found, expect to be in the Top 10 Google Rankings for the words you've chosen as your keywords.

But getting in the Top 10 search results is a science that can be learned. The core rules don't change, but you need to know the main ways to get your website ranking high in Google as well as the current new suggested things to try - and the all important Tips and Tricks to get you high ranking webpages quickly.

Check out the resources below to jump start your search engine positioning.

Get this FREE SEO BOOK NOW and start finding out today how it all works:



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