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Whatever your interest these days, it's a great idea to set up a website for it. If you want to make serious money online you will NEED to have one, if not many, at some point else you will find very quickly that you've no focus for your efforts and you lose the long-term growth that can easily be achieved once you own a website. There is no perfect website builder. The more time you spend online you more features you wish you had. But the only way you can find out what you want is to leap in and pick something today that you can afford and you feel you can work with. Building a website is just a half hour process. What takes the time then is refining it, improving on it, jiggling it about! All things you will never stop doing, so don't put off until the future what you can do today and: get yourself a website right now!

Whether you've got a hobby you are passionate about, or you want to start a business, or even if you have an established business, a website can do some important things for you. Forget the hype, the bottom line is that once you have a website (or just a page if you've not much to say!) you will benefit because it gives you:

  • A place to put a paragraph or two about yourself or your company. Your products/services.
  • A central place to put your contact details - how people can get in contact with you if they have any questions or simply want to write. If you are a business, your standard opening times too!

Beyond that, the main usefulness of a website is:

  • A permanent online 24/7, 365 days a year "advert" on the internet that people can visit whenever they want to look something up. More people search online now for goods/services - even local ones - than ever before. I rarely look at the local paper and I never pick up the Yellow Pages. In fact the Yellow Pages goes straight out my door on the next recycling day!
  • Somewhere to keep all your important information, facts and links

Once you have a website, you don't need to say much about what you do, just point people at the site and they can find out more there.

So, in this day and age, if you've got anything to say about anything - you HAVE to get a website.


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XSitePro is a WYSIWYG web site design software used by professional web designers, Internet marketers and DIY webmasters who want to build one or an unlimited number of search engine friendly web sites, complete with site maps and navigation panels - and they want to do it both quickly and easily.

XSitePro is often preferred to Dreamweaver or Frontpage because it is easier to use yet does what you want it to.

XSitePro has a built in FTP program. This means it allows you to transfer your finished web pages to your website without having to find and learn a separate FTP program.

XSitePro is web design software.

  • No monthly fees to be paid
  • Buy it once
  • Own it.
  • Use it as many times as you want - it's yours

You will need to have a domain name and your own web hosting account already.


This could be the start of a new career!

Site Build It


This is a complete website in a box. It is a well designed and thought out, fully automatic, user friendly web publishing system ideal for complete beginners and professionals alike.

When you buy this, you don't need hosting or a domain name as you get these included. You also buy into a great support team with a friendly online user forum all keen to help you to get the best results (i.e. the most money) possible from your site

SiteBuildIt have a superb reputation going back years for web hosting and content management and they are the only system I know of whose entire focus is on getting your site to rank high in the search engines.

A high rank = FREE traffic to your website. SiteBuildIt is built around a web based browser interface - you simply select a template and start publishing in real time. So it really is the ideal (if not ONLY) choice for those who wish to create web sites monetized with: 
 - Affiliate programs
 - Contextual ad programs (eg Google Adsense)
 - Banner advertising/local sponsorships

SitBuildIt is very popular with:
 - Online auction sellers
 - Local businessess with local clients
 - Those selling electronic goods
 - Work at home entrepreneurs 
 - Self publishers

Whatever your website is for, there's one fact of life:

     No Traffic = No Profits.

SiteBuildIt delivers to you:

     Traffic = Profits

SiteBuildIt is the quickest and easiest way to build your web site and get free search engine traffic.

No need to learn HTML, no reading dozens of articles and SEO books. All the tools you need are in one place. SiteBuildIt has been around since the 1990s and they have a dedicated following of loyal customers.

  • You want to be a success in your chosen market AND you want to get it right the first time ... check out SiteSell SiteBuildIt today

  • In a Nutshell! - Build a Website That Works!

    SiteSell, SiteBuildIt: Build a website that works

    In business, or want to be in business soon? In a hurry to get a website that draws in visitors and sales?

    Need to know how to build a website that really works?

    SiteBuildIt: Websites that Work - In a Nutshell

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