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If you want to earn money online, or you want to start your own business, you can only avoid getting a website for so long! And you know it's already overdue.

I've been working with the Internet since 1993 - and worked closely with a lot of professional web design companies. The trouble is - most of them are just that: web design. The sites look pretty, but that doesn't make sales! What is important about a site is whether it can help you make and increase sales.  This page contains links to companies that do just that: they help you build your own website, using web templates so you don't have to learn anything at all. And they are all written to drive traffic to your website and to help you make more sales. And sales = profit. So at some point you have to put your stick in the sand and say "This is what I am going to do" and pick one.

For years I put off getting a website. I knew that behind the scenes a website needed to be able to turn visitors into sales. So I put it off as I was being too picky. Well, now I wish I hadn't. Imagine where I'd be today if I'd started back then.

Everybody wants to earn good money online, to be able to give up their dayjob. But it doesn't happen overnight. But you have to start somewhere and build on it. Pick the right tools and you have success quicker. Pick the wrong tools and you might either give up, declaring everything a dead loss, or you might just take a lot longer to get where you are going.

The best website will be different for everybody, but you have to start somewhere - only by trying things out will you be able to outgrow it and nail down what you really want!  The website (and website builder) I have chosen is best for me, but below I have listed others which I consider worthwhile. Check them out - they all have a free trial, or cashback period, and each of us has different needs and budgets.

I've even included a Free Website recommendation for you! So there's no excuse is there.

Getting the Website that's right for you

One thing that quickly becomes apparent is - if you wnat to earn money working from home you do need your own website at some point.

Simply because: it gives you one central area to keep all your own links/information - and - one central area to direct anybody to that will need information from you.

Blogs and social networking sites (like myspace) are free, but they don't provide you with your own space that you have complete control over.

Once you start trying to get a website though - how do you know you are buying the right one? They can be complex to set up, difficult to understand - and the choices you get on the host homepage is usually enough to make you close the window immediately and go running for a cigarette/drink/chocolate bar!

Below are my recommendations:

If you want a cheap domain name, along with a free website builder, just so you have a page or a few pages about you/yourself/your company/what you do online. I'd recommend 1and1

If you want to harness the power of the Internet and be fully supported in doing that, using a proven system that will make you succeed, then I'd recommend Site Build It!/Site Sell. 

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