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Petsitters can find a regular income offering petsitting or dog walking services. You can either set yourself up as a petsitter, or look to join a local petsitting company.

Housesitting and Petsitting

House Sitting jobs, Pet Sitting jobs

You could pet sit or house sit for somebody. More and more companies are advertising petsitting jobs and house sitting jobs.

Housesitting and petsitting are great jobs you can do working from home. Each job will vary.

Maybe somebody just needs their cat feeding twice a day, while others may want a full-time housesitter, which isn't practical for many people.

The companies on this page often have vacancies for petsitters or housesitters.

Alternatively, what about setting up your own pet sitting business? Or even a plant watering service if you don't really like animals!


1. Housesitters for Deliveries and Tradesmen

Providing a low cost, professional and secure house-sitting service for deliveries, tradespeople and service engineers when the customer can't or doesn't want to be at home this company are always hiring new Housesitters

In March/April 2007 this company were looking for housesitters in Sutton, Surrey; Ilford, Essex; Hillingdon; Harrow, Middlesex; Watford, Herts... among others

£40/day expenses for 1-8 hours.


2. Cat Sitters Wanted: Greater London, Middlesex, Surrey


3. Pet Sitters Wanted: London, Essex, Shropshire, Cheshire, Surrey, Kent

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4. Pet Sitters & House Sitters Wanted

This company provide pet sitters and house sitters across the UK and Europe

If you want a house sitting job, they are always hiring trustworthy, reliable, sensible people who have a mature outlook and are experienced in looking after pets and property.

Housesitters stay in the client's house during their absence, creating a security presence and providing company and fuss for their pets.

House-sitters are also contracted to undertake 2.5 hours of light duties per day, which could include cleaning and tidying, lawn mowing, plant watering, and keeping the pets content and happy.


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5. Petsitters Wanted - Nationwide

This UK national organisation are looking for petsitters across the country.

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6. Petsitters

6. House Sitting & Petsitting & Home Visiting

This company are always keen to hear from dedicated, reliable animal carers for house sitting jobs throughout their coverage area of South East London.

You will need significant experience as the sole or main carer for dogs, either professionally or personally.You must be honest and reliable and able to supply a number of good references.

On average a pet companion will earn £30.00 per day.

These roles would suit somebody with a lot of time on their hands or somebody who works from home and is able to take their work with them. This sort of work can be seasonal and cannot be guaranteed.

This is not a holiday job, but should be seen as permanent.

Home Visiting
Dedicated, reliable animal carers are required to assist with a pet visiting service in the following areas:

New Malden, Putney, Raynes Park, Wimbledon

UPDATE: JULY 2011 - they no longer appear to be in business.

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