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BoonEx Free Community & Social Software.

If you belong to a group, or want to create an online group, check out this free Community Software.

BoonEx is the only "all-in-one" free software package for creating:

  • your own social network
  • niche community
  • online dating site

And it is all without any limits and under your full control.

All the BoonEx modules are included:

  • chat
  • messenger
  • audio and video players
  • plugins
  • apps

All the above are included. Simply download and start!

Perfect for football clubs, live concert video sharing, University social groups, free dating site for your town, professional network for your town/county ... ideal for ANY group of people.

Who do YOU want to connect?

Perfect for Family History groups - if you're wanting to research your family history, you'll end up with dozens, hundreds, or more people that you could connect together into your own family group!

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