Free Healthstore. No setup. No fees

You can get your own free online store, selling pure organic fruit juices, skincare and supplements.

Not only that, but you're completely free to buy things for yourself from your own healthstore and get a discount, or share your shop with friends/family to make a passive income.

No setup - this free healthstore is simply ready to go.


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What Is The Free Healthstore?

The free Healthstore is a ready-made website, that costs you nothing.  You simply register - make sure you think up a good username as your free Healthstore will use your username as your shop name and you don't want to be stuck with FredaLOVESJelly1982 as your shopname!

Immediately you have registered, you'll receive an email giving you your free Healthstore website address. 

When you, or anybody else, goes to your Healthstore and places an order, you earn commission on that.  Commission is paid the following month, by Paypal.  And you'll even get that commission on goods and products you are buying for yourself.



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Making Money With Your Free Healthstore

To make money, you'll need to promote your shop website address.  If you've already got  a website, you'll know how you can use that to drive traffic to your Healthstore.  If this is your first ever venture online then you can get started using the following free ways to advertise your Healthstore:
  • Add your shop address to your online forum signatures, your myspace, facebook ... and more.
  • If you've got Facebook, why not create a free Facebook business page for your healthstore - then start by giving it a  "Like" from your regular username
  • Tell your friends/family about it - add your Healthstore website address to your email signature
  • Use free classified ads websites to promote your Healthstore.  Simply write short classified ads, then find as many free classified ads websites as you can and copy/paste your advert on them
  • You can even build your own team - and a residual income - by introducing your friends and family to it
  • If you're already doing party plan, take some business cards with you and hand them out.  Same if you are a market stall owner, or perhaps you'd like to buy some of the products and resell them offline

This has great potential in the right hands - the free Healthstore is for UK residents only due to the nature of the products. 

This is a good free way to make money online, working from home.  You never have to buy anything, nor pay for anything, if you don't want to. 

It's also fairly new - so you're ahead of the pack!

Register For Your Free Healthstore Here

Good luck!

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