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Usually I don't put affiliate programs down for people to work at home. Working as an affiliate is rewarding, but can be frustrating - and there are literally thousands of companies who are always offering their affiliate program - but most are poorly supported.

If you're looking for a free program to help you work at home and make money, then you should just visit the training shoesite below, where you can get a great, free, 12 week course that teaches you how you can do this:


Find out all you need to know about how to work at home in this free course.  Ideal for existing affiliates or if you're completely new to the industry.

Most affiliate programs are quite basic - and leave you entirely on your own to figure out and promote.  What this Affiliate Program does that's different is it actively works with affiliates, giving them the best tools and help available to succeed.  With ththis top Affiliate Program, you're not just given a series of banners and sent on your way, you're given very specific urls to landing pages that will actually convert.

See if it's just what you're looking for!



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What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate is simply the name for an online commission-only sales person for any company or product.  Affiliate Programs are completely free to join - and give you a good chance to make money and work at home.

How Much Can You Earn as an Affiliate?

More people who are earning the most money online are probably working as affiliates than by any other means.  It's easy to start because you're taking a product or service somebody else has invested time/effort to produce - and all you're doing is promoting it.  To promote it you need to learn how and where works for that product and for you.  Working as an affililiate can very quickly start to earn you a full-time income.

Is It Completely Free?

You can become an affiliate completely free.  There are various ways to work as an affiliate, depending on what you prefer.   Over time you'll try a variety of methods, but if you want to do it completely for free, then follow this plan:

  1. Get yourself a free website, one good free website that doesn't have ads on it is Web Starts - this is free and a really easy way to get a website.  On your website, you should try to write something about what you're promoting.  Tell people what's good about it, what's not - and provide them with a special link.  The special link is your affiliate link and it's when people use your special link that the company you are an affiliate for will know you sent them the customer.
  2. Promote the program using free classified ads.  Spend 5-10 minutes writing a short, but compelling advert, that will encourage people to find out more information.  Usually the less you tell them, the more likely they are to want to find out more (crazy, but apparently true).  Having written one advert - you could leave it at that.  Alternatively, now sit and re-write your advert slightly differently, perhaps targetting it at certain groups of people.  e.g. if you were selling puppies, one advert might be a general "buy a puppy" advert, but another might be "buy your child a cute puppy to love", another might be "instantly make your family bigger and happier - give a puppy a home".  What you can even do is search the Internet to find and adjust other people's adverts, look for inspiration.
  3. Now it's your choice: you have two choices at this stage, you can either send the people responding to the advert to your own website that you've created -or- you can just use your affiliate link to send them straight to what you're promoting.  Technically, therefore, you don't NEED a website of your own at all, but for a variety of reasons it's better for you that you do get one at some point and that you drive the traffic from the free classified ads to your website, rather than directly to who you're advertising.  Here are three reasons to have your own website:

3 Reasons to Get Your Own Website

  1. If I had to give you just ONE reason to create your own website it'd be for you to consider a situation where you've placed 20 ads every day, for the past year - and now have over 700 adverts out there on the Internet driving traffic directly to your chosen product ... now imagine if you'd not made ONE sale... or what if they stopped making that product?  Now you're back to square one.  If all that traffic is, instead, coming to your website, then you can simply change the one link on your website (that you have control over) and all new traffic will continue to come to your website before being lead off to a similar product. 
  2. A simple/second reason would be that, over time, you might want to further monetize that inbound traffic - if you've been sending the traffic from the free classifieds to your site, then you can simply ad adverts round that page.  If you've been sending it directly to the program you're promoting as an affiliate you've lost the chance for all those old adverts to be pointing at your site.
  3. Over time you'll find other great products to promote - with your own website you can simply create a second page ... and more.  Maybe the traffic arriving from all those ads you placed a year before now arrive at your website and aren't keen on what you were promoting - but they ARE interested in the second item.

Remember: You don't have to build a large website overnight.  But if you simply create a free website and drive traffic towards that you are in control.  You can build on it, you can add more pages, you can buy your own domain name with your profits

Get Started - Affiliate Resources

  1. Get yourself a free website - set aside an hour or so to get yourself a free website and build your first page, placing your affiliate link on the page Get a Web Starts Free Website

Everything you do builds up your knowledge, your skills - and ultimately your income.  If you're looking for an easy way to make extra money with just 30 minutes/day, then this is doable.

Don't think about what you don't know, or aren't sure about - by doing it you'll realise how simple and easy it all is. Yes it's better if you have your own domain name, yes you'll get better results in the advertising if you pay for the Premium options - and you can do both these things once you've got going!  Use your profits from your first sale to invest in a domain name maybe... or some premium advertising.  What I've done here is to show you a simple, easy, and FREE way to work from home, that has the potential to make you a regular, ongoing, income.

If you can do this, you can do it with any affiliate program.... but for now, just get started!

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