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Squishycash: probably one of the easiest ways to make fast money on the Internet.  And with daily payouts you can get your hands on the actual cash faster than with any other method.

I like Squishycash a lot as it's so simple to do.  A lot of things which are great ways to make money online are quite difficult to understand and do, or you're sat around waiting for the next time you can earn some money with them - but with Squishycash there's so many ways to earn money every day that it'd be difficult to ever stop.

For example, once you've joined, you can get paid to chat to other members, or paid to play games - and that's in addition to their quick "instant cash" offer contests.

You can also get paid to refer your friends and family - tell them about it by putting a link on your MySpace page, or on Facebook ... or simply email your friends and tell them to join.

You'll never "make a living" from Squishycash, but you can make money online easily with them and so it's ideal for people who simply have some spare time and want to make an extra £50-100/month from their coffee breaks, or even those dead moments while you're waiting for a friend to come round or your favourite TV programme to start! 

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Ways to earn extra cash with Squishycash include:

  • Click on links
  • Fill out surveys
  • Join in and write on their forums
  • Get paid to take up offers and free trials

Tips for using Squishycash:

  • Don't sign up with a fake name, or you can't be paid.
  • Keep an eye out for special promotions/contests - often instant cash contests such as being paid double today if you can earn $X (usually $1, so it's easily achievable)
  • Make it a habit to log in every day as you get points for that - maybe in that 5 minutes when you're waiting for a TV programme to start, or waiting for a friend to turn up, or on your daily commute on the bus or train!

The site is littered with other people's "proof of payment" too.  Squishycash is showing all the other sites how it SHOULD be done!  It's keeping its promises and is THE place to be.  Their support and help team are fast to respond if you have any queries, which is great to see.

Join and tell your friends, before they tell you!

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