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If you're looking for ways to work at home without any investment, one of the first things that can be quite disheartening is the amount of times you're asked to part with money, when you don't even know what you're buying!  You have no money, you need to make money - and it seems everybody wants cash from you!!

Well, here's your answer.  If you're keen to get started making money working at home, but are looking for free ways, ways to earn money with zero investment, then check out this page.  Many of these have been products that have been sold (sometimes at quite a lot) in the past, others have simply always been free.  All of these give you the opportunity to work at home making money online - and they're not trials, they're full products.  You don't always have to spend money to make money.

So grab yourself your chance of a bright future and check out these zero investment opportunities today!

We've put together this page of Free Work at Home Programmes just for you, to show you in one place that there ARE ways to start with nothing!

Everything below is to help you work at home with no outlay. They are free to start - and free to keep going!  And, they are all legit work at home programmes!

Check out these great ways to start earning money online and offline without any outlay ... after all, you've always said "why does everybody want money to start?" - and these don't!

You can start your own business and work at home with any of these and some you could start to work at home in just 5 minutes' time.  Any one of these free systems could become your exciting new work from home job!

They're all legit - and FREE!   BOOKMARK THIS PAGE NOW!

Post Loop

Get Paid to Post on Forums

Quick Cash can be earnt by being paid to post on forums, although the income isn't mega bcuks, it's a great way to earn quick cash with no outlay - and something most people can do.  All you need is good English skills and you can be paid to make postings on forums, where the forum owner needs to get their forum up and running quickly and to make it look like it's got a lot of members already.  This is completely free to join - and you are paid by Paypal.

Forum owners struggle when they first set up a new forum because they need a good quantity of good quality postings in order to attract genuine, new forum members - paying people to post on their forums is a legitimate part of their business plan - so they need people just like you to make these crucial posts for them.

Earn Money Posting in Forums

 How it Works:

You simply register and create 10 posts in the special portal, the admin team then check that your posts demonstrat that you have good English skills and approve you.  Next, you simply go to the list of forums that require paid postings - subscribe to those forums and make relevant postings on them.  The site owners then grade your posts for quality.  You are paid in points and can cash out your points at a rate of 100 points = $5 (roughly £3). 

This is a great pinmoney cash way to earn easy money working from home with no outlay and that is 100% legit.

Quick Cash!

With Post Loop it is possible to have the cash in your Paypal account within the next 24 hours!  Obviously, in order to do this you need to be motivated as you need to sign up, make 10 initial posts to get approved, then join the forums and post on them.  But, it is possible - and, once you are set up and approved, it's easy to then dip in at any future point for more quick cash!

Earn Even More Money

You can get paid some extra points if you introduce your friends and family under the Refer a Friend scheme.  Why not compete with a few friends to get the highest quality score, or the most cash each month?

Website Usability Testers

Website Usability Testers Wanted

If you can speak English, then you have all the skill needed to become a website usability tester - and What Users Do are hiring, as are 3-4 other website testing companies!  There's never been a better time to get into this lucrative part-time work.

Website usability testing is straight forward, but important, work. 

How Much do Website Testers Get Paid?

Pay is typically £8-10 for each 20 minute test. As a website usability tester, your role is to visit their client sites and, using a microphone (hence the English requirement), and often screen reader software (that they supply) give your feedback as you try to find your way around their website. The feedback you give is vital for the website owners to understand how easy their site is to use.

This is self-employed work - and is a great way to earn extra part-time income working from home.

No Fees!

There are no fees for you to pay, you will not be asked to sign up for anything or buy anything on the sites you visit - your role is simply to give user feedback on usability.

After you register, you will be asked to perform a short test - to make sure your broadband connection is fine and your microphone works. You don't have to do the test immediately, so register now and you can do the short acceptance test once you're sitting comfortably.

New Format for Free Ways to Earn Money Online

When I first started listing free work at home systems for you all, the list wasn't long, but over time, the free work at home systems list has grown so large that I think this page is now slow to load and a bit over-whelming.

Starting from now, I'll be creating a new page for each free work at home system and providing a quick hint as to the type of freebie it is - this should mean it's easier for you to navigate and find exactly what you're after that'll make you tons of cash.

Everything I put here has been researched and I know it fills a need for somebody - and by now there must be something in here for everybody!  I'll continue to track down the best of the bunch in free work at home systems for you, so check back regularly, or simply register (top right) and see all the other resources that members get.  Members are usually mailed a maximum of once per month, often even less - and your information is NEVER sold on or rented out to anybody else.

My intention is, and has always been,  to bring together the best collection of real work at home jobs, work from home systems and ways to make money online that's available!  Enjoy!

I'll be trying to categorise them so you know what's what.  This process may take me some time, so apologies while the process goes on.


  • Pocketmoney: Ideal for students, SAHM, WAHM, retirees.  These systems enable you to earn what I'd call pocket money (£1-£75/month) without any skills and without too much time needed.
  • Simple/Easy: Simple and easy to do, these ways to make money online involve a low level of skills, so ideal for beginners or if you need another income stream to boost your earnings.
  • Niche: Ideal if you're keen on, or have knowledge of, specific interests.  These chances to make money will usually only be worthwhile if you have a passion, a lot of knowledge, or are prepared to work at making it work for you.

Hubpages is the most amazing free system to earn money online that I've come across so far.  Literally anybody can do it.  With Hubpages you simply join up (free of course) and write about things that you are interested in.  You're paid on a revenue share basis, sharing the advertising income.  It's all done through Google Adsense, it's all 100% legit and it's entirely up to you how much money you make from it as it's entirely dependent on how much effort you put into it.  Why not write something now?  Sign up now, write your first piece today - and the good news is: anything you publish you can change or delete at any point in the future, so it's not like you have to get something 100% right the first time. 


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Web Starts

Make Money Online - With a Free Website

If you're wanting to make money online, you'll be advised to get your own website. You can get a free website from Web Starts - and it's a free website with no ads. No annoying adverts or pop ups, just a free website. This free website is ideal for many uses: you can use it for affiliate marketing, or building a website about crafts you make and sell. If you're starting your own business this free website will be great for you.

Once you have a website, you can earn money in many ways - the most obvious and easy one is by displaying adverts on your pages.

Create a website about your local area, your hobbies, your interests - or a business website for an existing business, or a new business! 

Get your free website now: WeB Starts, Free Website

Promoting Your Website

Once you've got your website, you'll be wondering how to promote it, so that website visitors come to your website - to buy what you're selling, or read your information. How you promote your website, getting to be number one in Google so people find your website, comes under the heading of "Internet Marketing". Whether you want to get a quick overview of Internet Marketing, or get formally qualified, there are a number of great courses available online - so no matter where you live you can learn all the skills you need to promote your new website. If you don't learn how to promote your website, nobody will know it's there!   Internet Marketing teaches you how to make sure your site is popular.

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