Jobs Using Excel


Freelance jobs using Excel are to be found online. There are real/actual jobs, ideal if you have MS Excel skills and work from home.  the jobs are working for individuals, websites and companies who need work to be completed RIGHT NOW!  Or, maybe you're looking for somebody to do some Excel work for you - it works both ways!

Many of them will have a repeat requirement for using Excel too. Simply check the list and keep an eye out for something you can do, click on the link, sign up (free of course) and let the advertiser know how much you'd want to do the work for them.

I know for a fact that people that use this website have certainly got a lot of freelance jobs from these listings - several thousands of pounds worth in fact. The figures show in dollars, but that's just because it's the most commonly used currency on the Internet.  Simply bid for how much you'd be prepared to do the freelance job for.

The companies advertising these jobs aren't looking for the cheapest, they are looking for somebody who can do the job well. Jobs using Excel are quite often well paid because its the quality of their work that is sought after - and the results they can obtain, not because they are the cheapest. That's you, right?!

Finding work at home as a freelancer is one of the fastest, most direct and dependable ways. Freelance jobs really do fit into your schedule as you take on only as much work as you want and need, and no more.  Some studies done on the freelance market find that on average people have to do only about 12 smallish freelance jobs to have enough contacts/clients to be able to work directly just for those companies full-time.  For employers, hiring a freelancer to do work for them is the easiest way for them to find good, reliable people that they can then pass all future work onto.

Check out the Freelance Jobs using Excel, or hire an Excel professional for your project, here:  Jobs using Excel, hire or be hired


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Current Jobs Using Excel

Jobs Using Excel

There are many jobs requiring Excel skills - often quite straight forward, but somebody has to do it! Quite often Excel jobs are gathering name/address information, or checking existing spreadsheets. Quite often this work is required during a new website, or webshop build.

Source: PPP7
Escrow Payments

Getting Paid for Freelance Work

A lot of companies,  including the company offering the jobs below,  pay the agency website up front, so your money is safe. The agency GUARANTEE TO PAY YOU. So you can bid with confidence that if you get the work you will get the pay. This system is called the Escrow system and is used worldwide to ensure payment between two people or companies.

This jobs feed is LIVE, so new ones are being added all the time!

Why not sign up now (free) and spend an hour or so applying for everything you can do! If you are serious about working from home, then you will treat this like the best ever jobs listing and spend half an hour a day scanning through for jobs

The way it generally works is: people post the jobs, people who can do the work give their bid, the freelance job advertiser then picks the person they feel can do the best job for them (NOT the cheapest usually!) ... and after you've done the first piece(s) of work they will probably just come straight to you for future work, so no more bidding! Over the next 3 months or so, you could easily fill your time working for just a handful of these companies on a regular basis. Did a job for somebody and hated it? Simply double your rate next time they ask, or tell them you're too busy!

Payment Guarantee

And: The bonus is, you are guaranteed to be paid because all the freelance job listings are underwritten by the website advertising them.

Check the work out now, whether you need somebody to do some Excel work for you, or are good at Excel and looking for work: Excel workers

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