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Voice Acting for Dummies

Voice Over Jobs

Voice Over Jobs

As a freelance voice over artist, you will need a ready and easy supply of potential voice over jobs to apply for - below are the latest voice talent jobs available on the international freelance market and there's no cost to you to join and apply for them.Find one that intrigues you, sign up and put a bid in. After that, look around at the bids others have put in. Is there something they are saying in their bid that makes theirs look/sound better? See what others are doing and improve your bid wording, create a few more sample files, maybe even make yourself a small website/webpage where you can outline your voice over talent repertoire.  

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Voice Over Jobs at

Probably the world's largest marketplace for regular voice over jobs is to be found at Although there are fees to join, the major companies looking for voice over jobs in the recording and film, as well as book publishing, industries do seem to all use them.
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The next step is to find out more about this lucrative market. One way is to read some of the leading help books to get you started fast.If you live close to a large library you might be able to pick up a good library book, or you can browse Amazon to see the sort of help and books that are out there.
Voice Over Acting: The Complete Guide to High Paying Voice Over Jobs is one leading book that takes you through the steps you need to know to discover the best routes into the highest paying voice over jobs available.
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