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Most of the freelance jobs below are work at home jobs. They are coming through on a live feed.

Spot one you like the sound of? Click and bid. To bid you have to signup, but it is free.There are literally hundreds of jobs posted daily through this live jobs feed.Maybe there's something there for you!

Note: The Freelance Jobs are also broken down into sections - choose from the drop down list below - easier to find the freelance jobs YOU want!

A lot of: graphic designer jobs working from home - and search engine optimisation jobs (SEO jobs) working from home. As well as a lot of programming jobs, writing jobs and even legit data entry jobs!

It's worth checking back on the list every couple of hours, or just register with them and keep updated just on the jobs you are interested in.

Good luck looking for freelance work you can do in the hours that suit your lifestyle.

Data Entry Jobs

Homeworker Jobs: Data Entry Jobs

Jobs for data entry work are becoming quite easy to find these days. With so many websites being created there is a huge requirement for data entry jobs to be done entering the data onto new websites or into databases.

Usually these jobs tell you exactly what to do, so you don't have to feel out of your depth. Go for it!

The data entry jobs below are freshly added to the system.

Source: PPP7

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Data Processors Wanted

Data Processing Jobs

In many ways data processing jobs are like data entry jobs - except they require a little more thought and possibly specific knowledge.

The data processing vacancies below are freshly added to the system:

Source: PPP9
Copywriting Jobs

Homeworker Jobs: Writers and Copywriters

Thousands of writers are needed every day to write small and large ebooks and content for websites. Website owners are hungry for freelance writers in all subjects.
Source: PPP7
Telemarketing Jobs

Homeworker Jobs: Telemarketing Jobs

Telemarketing jobs have always been one of the easiest jobs to get into to work from home. Telemarketing jobs can be cold calling or warm calling people to let them know a company exists and find out if they have a need for what they're selling or promoting.

Every telemarketing job will be different. Some are easier than others. The best thing to do is try out a few and see which sorts you like and the best way to do this is by freelancing to see how you get on.

Source: PPP7
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