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Free SEO Giveaway - Free SEO Books
Jobs Blog Free Stuff & Giveaways By host on 28/10/2006
I've got some pretty exciting news for you today. Looking for a working from home job? This will help you understand HOW to find the jobs you are after Starting your own business from home? You NEED to know this before you go online In business and thinking of getting a website? SAVE MONEY by knowing this before you throw money away on building a site nobody visits And it's all FREE to you in the SEO Giveaway

Free Gift added
Jobs Blog Free Stuff & Giveaways By host on 27/10/2006
Check out Work at Home Ideas, Publishing to see how you can work at home and profit from publishing and get this super free gift now

Work at Home in Publishing - and Get a Gold Level Membership FREE
Jobs Blog By host on 27/10/2006
I've got a great offer for those wanting to work at home in publishing. So check out my publishing page, which over the next few months will tell you all about how you can profit from publishing at zero cost/

Translators/Interpretor Jobs Added: Mongolian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, Romainian
Jobs Blog By host on 26/10/2006
Just added some great freelance/work at home jobs to the members area. Translators/interpretors for a company based in Oxford

ABTA Travel Agent Jobs Have Been Added to Members' Area
Jobs Blog By host on 25/10/2006
I've found some top jobs for working from home - all home-based travel agent jobs in the UK. Check out the members area. Not a member? Why not? Click "register" in the top right hand corner and join now, it's completely free.

Leaflet Distributors and Directory Delivery Jobs Added to the Work at Home in the UK members area
Jobs Blog By host on 25/10/2006
These jobs are all over the country. So check them out in the members area.

Top Paying Survey Company
Jobs Blog By host on 22/10/2006
Whoops! I forgot all about this one ... just found a bunch of their emails in my Inbox. Looks like I've lost about £20 for not respoding quickly enough :(

Not a Web Designer!
Jobs Blog By host on 21/10/2006
But I think that's very obvious! I've spent hours .. no, days, trying to find a "look" for the site - and failed. I am using DotNetNuke and you get skins for it. But they need to match the structure you want. I did have a bit of a lovely design yesterday, but it would have been impossible for me to change it to fit the structure I wanted.

National Commute Smart Day 2006
Jobs Blog By host on 20/10/2006
National Commute Smart Day is on Wednesday 1 November 2006. Employers are being asked to consider home working or telecommuting maybe for employees. This can only be good news as it means more and more people will work at home in the future.

Free Work At Home Course Coming
Jobs Blog By host on 19/10/2006
There's nothing like settling down to a good book is there? And if the book is free AND helps find you work to do at home, then that's even better. I've managed to find a free course on working at home. The 4 authors take you through various things you can do working from home and also take you step by step through what they do to earn a living doing work at home.

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