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If you want to get on in life, you have to keep learning.

Learning new skills makes you not only better at any job, but also faster. This combination means you are more confident and have less stress. Which is always a good thing. Many employers do not provide training courses for staff, so you have to look out for yourself. While other people are self-employed or unemployed, or returning to work and are looking to keep their skills updated.

Not all training courses cost money either. Check out Vision2Learn if you live in the England, there is Government funding available to pay for your course, and the courses they provide lead to a worthwhile recognised qualification.

Vision2Learn provide IT training including the NVQ qualification in Essential IT Skills at Work. You could get an NVQ in Work Skills for Retail, or a Business Administration NVQ, Customer or a Service NVQ and even a Team Leading NVQ. There is even a course on Healthy Living ... and don't forget, these courses can be completely free if you live in England under a Govt training grant - and Vision2Learn sort all that out for you.

Studying a vision2learn online course will help you to:

  • Develop new skills
  • Train for work
  • Learn with new people
  • Achieve a UK-recognised qualification.

Vision2learn courses are suitable for people aged 16 and as they lead to national qualifications are eligible for government funding in England...which means you may be able to study for FREE*.

With vision2learn you can:

  • Choose from over 20, practical, flexible, FREE online courses and NVQs
  • Learn online at your own pace, in your own time
  • Study from home or work, with no classes to attend
  • Receive expert help from an online tutor employed by a college in your local area
  • Achieve a qualification online.

The ECDL qualification is a real winner if you are new to computers or just want to know more about them. The ECDL qualification is a series of modules - you choose 5 out of the 8 to get a pass. Once you have the ECDL qualification you will really understand your PC and Microsoft software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook Email, Access databases) as well as the Operating System itself and where your files are on your PC or on a network if you are working in a company that has a network.

In fact, if I were an employer I would not employ anybody who did not have the ECDL qualification or could prove they were up to the standard because it really does make you much more productive than those that are not PC literate. In my opinion, the ECDL level is the level at which you can start to say you are PC literate. ECDL courses take complete beginners and turn them into confident users of common office software in a very short time and they can be done online or in classroom training in many areas.

Learning Centre - training and skills

Want to work at home but feel you have no skills?

This is quite common. If you are working from home or want to be a freelancer, start your own business or start to do other work online jobs, you might find your skills need updating.

Maybe you've a skill you haven't used for years, or maybe you need to learn new skills.

Some skills that will really help you out are:

  • Typing, or keyboarding, as it is now probably called, can halve the time it takes you to perform any tasks. The quicker you can type, the faster you can communicate by letter or email and the quicker you can perform data entry jobs working from home.
  • Computer skills are also something that can double your earnings working from home - the more confident you are on the PC and the faster you are with the mouse and the PC in general, the faster you will do any tasks you need on the PC, meaning you can double your earnings per hour just because it takes you half the time to do something!

ECDL  The European Computer Driving License is probably the best training course in using a PC and Microsoft software (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint). In fact, I'd go so far as to say this should almost be compulsory for anybody wanting to use a PC at all for work. Whether that's a job for an employer or working for yourself in your own business, an ECDL really makes you phenomenally better/faster. It is 7 modules covering all the MS Office products. This course is with one of the UK's leading online learning providers, so it's one of the best there is.

You can get started today with the ECDL Course here:
ECDL for just £19.95. Master PC software today and get ahead of your competition, whether that is other applicants for a job, or beating your competitors in business because you will achieve everyday tasks quicker than they will with this skill.


Below are some handy links to other learning resources that will help you get up to speed with things quickly, enabling you to apply for more jobs working at home, or undertake more freelance jobs:

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Learn HOW To Make Money Online

Courses to Specifically Learn How to Make Money Online

These links are to ways of earning money working from home online that really DO work. Like everything you have to actually read through and try everything. Then read it 2-3 more times to become an expert. Make sure you put everything they say into practice and you will earn money. Probably quite reasonable money.

Obviously the headlines quote high earnings, but I always figure "if I can earn just 10-15% of this much working from home then I'd be happy". So, if you've ever thought about giving them a go, then start now. Your earnings will be related to how well you read and practice what you are taught - and how many hours you put into it.


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Online Computer Training
These free courses include: Word, Excel, CIW Foundations 1D0-410, CompTIA A+, Windows Active Directory MCSE 70-217, Linux, Web Design and Graphics, SQL Server Database Design MCSE 70-229, European Computer Driving License, Internet Marketing, MS Office... and more
Online Learning

Online Learning

You might feel you need or want to learn more traditional subjects. Now you can easily learn from home. Distance learning or home learning has come a long way in the last 2-3 years. If you've ever tried it before, you'll be amazed at how super courses really are these days as companies have really invested heavily in delivering courses and courses materials across the Internet.

Watch out for courses that appeal to you, find out more.

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