Podcasting: What is a Podcast? What is Podcasting? How Do I Make a Podcast?

Although podcasting is fairly new, it is rapidly becoming a "must have" medium.

In its simplest terms, podcasting is audio files that are delivered via RSS. And it isn't just for music files but for any audio files - bringing with it a rush from businesses small and large to use it in their marketing This

You can use podcasting to host your own talk shows or interviews. For education purposes in the form of short tutorials or entire lessons - especially foreign languages! Podcasts can be used to produce storybooks for children and adults. Fancy yourself as a comedian? Use podcasting to produce your own podcast stand up shows.

How You can Work This Opportunity Locally Offline

You can podcast items yourself and make them available online, but then you need to get website traffic - and if that doesn't appeal to you, then you could turn podcasting into your own business from home perhaps? Below I've braindumped a few ideas to get you thinking. I've tried to think of who you could podcast for - and why they might think that a worthwhile marketing exercise for themselves

- approach book authors, offer to podcast their books or just chapter 1 to get people hearing their product. Make an old book that has stopped selling into a podcast to promote the newer books. Or podcast chapter 1 of the latest book as a "taster" for increased sales
- approach local companies, offer to podcast their business in the form of a radio-style advert or even for their special offers. Do they have a mailing list? Suggest you can podcast their weekly/monthly specials and they can mail their customers the podcast
- approach local newspapers and magazines, offer to podcast some of their content which they can make available for download from their website - this could bring more website traffic to them, increasing the potential revenue from their online advertising and it might bring in new traffic who also want their company covered in a podcast
- local newspapers might be running series' of interviews with local business people. Offer to podcast these to keep their readers up to date. For you, you might find these companies want you to podcast things for their company direct.
- local colleges, offer to podcast language lesson practice/homework sessions. These could be used year after year and you could suggest they make them available as a free download from their website to encourage course sign ups.

There are 1000 other uses for podcasts, now see if you can think about your background, knowledge and contacts to come up with a list of 5-10 great business ideas for yourself.


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