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Welcome to our list of real legit companies that hire people to answer telephone calls for thier clients. If you are not a member you will not be seeing the actual contact details. Members, when logged in, will see the contact details underneath the overview.

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Telephone Answering

Telephone Answering

With digital communications it is now possible for phones to be redirected all over the place, using conventional telephone systems or even using the Internet.  This has opened up a world of opportunities for homeworking jobs.

I did a job as an inbound call taker only last year using Skype to receive the calls.

The companies on this page are either hiring now or they keep a list of people who want to do inbound call taking, or the link is to their vacancies page and you have to keep checking to see if they have any vacancies listed.

These telephone answering jobs will tend to be small companies who are offering the service to their clients, so when they get a new client they will need more telephonists, although more and more in-bound customer service reps are required for an increasing number of companies as organisations try to cut costs while providing a better service to their customers.

This is a great real homeworking job for thousands of people, working the hours they want. 


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Inbound Call Taker

1. Inbound Call Taker

Wouldn't it be nice to have a job that works better with your schedule? One that helps you earn some extra cash, but gives you the freedom to do the other things on your daily checklist. Now you can.

Work that suits your schedule you can set your own schedule, enabling you to work as few as 20 hours per week.

That means you can work around picking up the kids, studying for exams or perfecting your golf swing. The freedom of working from home

What's more, you can do it all from home. Roll out of bed, throw on your favorite slippers and viola, you're ready for business.

All you need is a good computer, high-speed internet and landline phone service. Fun, challenging work - as an employee!

These exciting positions enable you to take incoming calls for leading professional companies.

Full training provided so you succeed - and you are paid for it too! You can reap the financial rewards too since you're an employee, not an independent contractor, including pay for performance.

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2. Inbound Call Takers

2. Medical Transcriptionsts

(US/Canada Residents only)

This US based company are seeking medical transcriptionists to work at home.  You will receive free training.  Pay consists of a good rate of pay (based on number of lines typed), extra incentives for high achievers, and a shift allowance for certain times of the week.
This position has independent contractor status.   You can set your own hours, but you agree a minimum number of lines to be typed per week.

It is a legal requirement by the HIPAA that transcriptionists for this company require US/Canada residents only.

You will need at least two years' experience of medical transcription work and excellent listening skills.

You will need to be able to produce a minimum of 1,100 lines per day on a consistent basis. 

Members will be able to see the link, below, directly to this work at home job, so join now (it's free), login and see the link, which takes you directly to full details and the application form on their website.

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