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Teaching, Training, Tutoring

Training Jobs, Tutoring Jobs, Mentor Jobs, Teaching Jobs

There is an increasing amount of training jobs, online tutoring jobs, online training jobs and online mentoring jobs that you can do.

I myself have worked as an online tutor. Once you are established, the rates of pay can be quite good.

This page has some leads for you to follow up, these companies are always looking for new tutors - and there is nothing to pay for any of them to get started.


1. Online Teaching.

Online Teaching: Are You an Expert in Something?

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge with other people? Would you like to be a mentor to students around the world who share your interests? And would you like to get paid to do all this conveniently from your home computer? If so, then you may have what it takes to become an online instructor.

This state-of-the-art service provides all the tools you need to create, develop, and enroll students into your own online classroom. You won't believe how easy it is to get started right now by creating your own classroom in cyberspace that can literally attract hundreds of students interested in whatever you're teaching.

We do not charge you for creating a course on our system. Nor do we charge you for an editorial review of your course. We only profit when you profit: by selling your course.

  • Make Money! You earn 60% of the course fee for every course you sell (minus transaction fees) 
  • Make Money! You earn $5.00 for every certificate you sell (that's nearly £2.50 - so create courses that lead to certificates!)
  • You retain all ownership of your content - You leave, your content is removed *

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First listed: August 2009. Last checked: March 2013


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2. Tutors

Private Tutors and Online Tutors Wanted

Tutors wanted nationwide and worldwide in many subjects. Rates from £12-27/hour.  Logged in members will see the list of tutoring companies below (we're free to join, no fees ever)



First listed: March 2008. Last checked: February 2013


Teach Online

Register (free) with this school and you can create your own courses and get paid when students enrol on them.

Find out more....


First listed: July 2010. Last checked: March 2013

C: OnlineTutoring

Online Teaching Opportunities

In the past few years, every college and University has started producing online courses - all of these courses will require tutors.  Also, every private college, private training company and private tutor company have started making their courses available online.

While some courses are purely academic and you'll need a full degree and qualifications to teach them, many thousands more simply require knowledge of, or an interest in, the subject.

Online tutoring jobs and online teaching jobs is a growth industry these days.  More and more companies and organisations are wanting online tutoring online tutors as people can learn subjects in the comfort of their own home and at times that suit them.

List of Tutoring Jobs and Online Teaching Jobs

Check out this list of online teaching opportunities and List of Tutoring Jobs

a. Your Own Tutoring Business - Free

Create your own Tutoring Business for Free

Be answering questions in less than 4 minutes

Set up Free and charge your own rates

Pay only a minimal transaction fee

The world's most advanced online learning system

Launch date: 5 March 2007

Last checked: July 2011 - seem to no longer be offering this service

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