Freelance Writers Wanted

Another good source of work is freelancing. Most writers work as freelance writers. Very few companies will require full-time writers, so this is the norm for the industry.

Check out the freelance jobs listings - hundreds every day on freelance boards.

We've filtered the writing jobs from one board so you can see just the freelance writing jobs. This is a live feed so there are literally new jobs every hour.

Last checked: August 2010


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Writers Wanted .

Abstract Writers Wanted

This worldwide abstracts site invites you to write abstracts of books, articles, newspapers & websites. In return, you will receive royalties for life! No charges to you.

Ideal for:

 - Journalists - Professional writers - Graduates - Unpublished writers - or simply people who feel they what it takes to write for a living.

Abstracts should be short and punchy! You retain the copyright to your abstracts.

Writers Wanted - Click Here


Last checked: March 2013

Translators Required

Translators Wanted

This worldwide abstracts site is looking for translators to translate abstracts into many languages. Get ongoing royalties on your work.

Translators Wanted - Click Here

Last checked: March 2013


Professional Writers Wanted

This company are always looking for new writers. They provide a professional service to their growing number of clients and are always looking for new writers who have a proven track record for quality writing. You will also need a keen eye for detail and be an original and intelligent thinker. High rates but they have high standards.

Last checked: March 2013

Writing Jobs

Calling all writers and chatterboxes!

This is the latest way to earn money online. To earn money working from home - and what a great way it is! It doesn't matter if you are a novice or a proper freelance writer, there will be something that is ideal for you. They (probably) won't make you rich, but if you like giving your opinion in forums, then why not get paid for it? 

It really is that elusive data entry work working from home! And the bonus is: no copy typing; you are typing what you are thinking up!

  • More and more companies are adding blogs to their websites, the problem is - blogs need to be updated daily.
  • More and more companies are adding forums to their websites, the problem is - forums need to be updated daily.

If they have a blog and a forum - that's double the headache! So now companies are paying people to make a blog entry or to make postings in their forum for them.

Blog and forum writing jobs aren't big articles - they can be simple 1-3 line entries. So easy peasy!

There are a few companies doing this now, below is my list of the best ones I've found:

To me, this is the most exciting new way to get paid to work from home. The quicker you can type the more you can earn too!

Join now before somebody else gets the ideal job working from home that YOU could have got.


  1. Get Paid for Forum Writing - I have just joined this one, but it looks like a great one to join. You just get paid for posting and responding to people in the forums! So it's a bit like Getting Paid to Make Friends even!
  2. And What About Getting Paid for Your Opinions?

    I've just started writing opinions about things - and there are some surveys to do too. My account is already at £13.50 so I think this is quite a good site to sign up to: Ciao 
    Sign up now, write one opinion/review about something every day, fill out the surveys - and just see for yourself how much you've made in a month! I bet you'll surprise yourself. In fact, I've got a free list of 10 paid survey companies you can check out - see the best paid surveys page

Last checked: March 2013

Freelance Writers Wanted

Professional Writers Wanted - Work From Home

You can become a writer with one of the Internet's leading online writers' networks, who are offering emerging and veteran freelance writers a brand new avenue to further their careers. This leading online community is looking for talented, professional writers - and can offer you millions of readers each month.

Join this dynamic team making money writing about what you want, wherever you want. If you're ready to set your own hours and to pick your own topics, if you want to reach a massive audience who are interested in the topics you love to write about, then this is the place for you.

Members (once signed in) will see the link directly below here, click and apply directly today!

Remember, there are no charges to become a member, simply register in the top right!

Last checked: August 2010


Academic Writers Wanted

This organisation are always looking for top quality writers and researchers, who are skilled at academic writing.

They have strict criteria that you must meet, as they only take on the very best people for their freelance writing and custom writing.

If you meet those criteria then this could be just the writing job you are looking for. It is the ideal graduate job or student job as you will still have the skills from your academic career to produce pieces of work to a university standard.

Typical pay: £10-14/hour.


Last checked: February 2013

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