4 Ways to Use Google Adsense to Make Money Working From Home

4 Ways to Earn Money From Google Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

Ever notice when you are on a lot of websites that there are a lot of text adverts around? This is Google Adsense.

A website owner will sign up for Google Adsense and put a piece of code that Google gives them onto their webpage and adverts appear that are relevant to the information on that page. When any advert is clicked, the website owner collects cash. The cash can be anywhere from under 1p to £20 and above!

So, how easy is that? Well, at first it seems easy - and at that level it is.

But beyond that there are numerous ways to actually turn this into a real big money earner.

For example: many website owners only create the websites so that people go to them in the hope that those website visitors will click on their adverts! Yes. Really. This is called domain parking.

Now ... that is easy isn't it. But the next question is: "OK, that works and I just had to set it up once and it keeps running without me doing anything ... but how do I turn that £2/month for the whole site into £200/month per page?" And this is possible.

Adsense is not rocket science, but if you follow a few basic rules you can actually make dramatic changes to your results. These rules can be learned and applied very quickly too. You could take a non-performing site and turn it into a money-making machine in less than a day.

Now. THAT sounds better doesn't it?

But, what if you want to earn money from Google Adsense without actually having to own/run websites of your own? Here's a way you can do it:


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Adsense Specialist

Become A Google Adsense Specialist Working from Home

Simply get yourself a website (it could even be a free one), learn about Google Adsense and play around with your website to get to grips with the different places you can put the Google Adsense adverts and learn the tips & tricks that make more money from any one page. Then - simply contact local businesses and offer to set up Google Adsense on their site.

Many people would like to earn money from Google Adsense - and even though it is as simple as anything - they just don't have the time, or fear even starting.

You could charge set fees to work from home setting up Google Adsense for them.

You can charge a one off fee to sign them up to Adsense and get the code onto their website (even if you just do this and then email them the code for their designer to put on for them). Perhaps £15-35 for this simple service. Or you could even offer an ongoing service, say 2 hours per month checking their figures/making changes (you will know what you are doing by then remember!) for £45/month (or any amount you choose).

If you could find just 20 local clients at £45/month that is £900/month for starters!

Or how about teaching others how to use it in your local area? You could easily charge £99-£250 per day to local companies/individuals teaching them the tricks & tips you've learnt. Turn this into a business today.  You could kick start your own trainingn company charging 4 people just £65/day for Google training. That's good money isn't it.

4 Ways to Earn Money From Google Adsense

  • Put Google Adsense onto your Website
  • Offer Google Adsense as a service to local companies or individuals who want to benefit from it
  • Run Google Adsense courses locally - one-to-one or small groups
  • Take the easy route and simply earn Google Adsense money through "Revenue Sharing Sites" that do all the work for you, all you have to do is write, write, write - and earn residual income for years to come.

So there you go. It is possible to have an online business that you run offline isn't it

Think outside the box - the possibilities to earn money are endless.

What Next?

All you need to do now is get to grips with Google Adsense, so grab one or more of our great resources and really start your own easy and affordable business today

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