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For years I searched for real work at home jobs. Always searching, never finding. Working from home was easy to achieve, or so they said. But they never told you where. Or what. Or how ... unless you parted with money for some Guide or some Book.
Then the Internet came along and suddenly it made things seem more possible, more likely.... the answer was out there, it was just a matter of searching ... and there were more Guides and more Books.
So, where were the "real jobs"? Where are the work from home jobs?
Eventually I started to find out where, I started to learn where to look, how to find them. Now working from home was looking more likely to achieve. And I did find a job working from home. It does exactly what it says on the tin!
Right now I do actually work from home myself - I found and answered an advert online and am now self-employed full-time taking inbound telephone support calls for a worldwide company.

Because I was successful in finding a real job working from home, I decided to create this website for those still searching - and to keep my finger on the pulse of home working in case my circumstances changed. Remember - a job working from home is probably less secure than a job under somebody's beady eye!

I started with a blog to list the jobs I found, but that wasn't really a successful format for what I was trying to achieve. The subject and opportunities are too large. I didn't have the time nor the money for development, so this site, while possibly not the most elegant in the world has enabled me to bring this free information and links to real jobs working from home.
Enjoy and good luck in your working from home searches.


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